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Mechanical Tested by AMCASH at Birmingham University

To 6367 N - 637 kg - 0.64 Tonne - 100 Stone

  • ISR Fibre-Tech® is a highly advanced textile material. Extremely stong, flexible and durable.
  • Anti Scuff, crease and water resistant.
  • Requires No oiling just wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Doubled machined stitched both sides.
  • Punched 22 numbered holes 1/2" apart.
  • Internal 1" web wrapped around curved stainless steel buckle.
Handles ISR ISR

Unfortunately we were unable to test them on the stirrup iron as the ISR samples were so stong that the stirrup bent. We have tested them at the buckle and the strip containing holes and sample F-ISR Fibre-Tech® has proven to be the strongest in both cases

Dr Catherine Kelly


To determine the strength of a range of stirrup leathers. The strength and elongation to break will be measured at the stirrup, at the buckle and along the section containing the holes.


The length, width and thickness of each testing section was measured. The samples were placed into the mechanical tester and the force required to elongate the sample by 5 mm/minutes was measured.
Three different positions were tested. At the stirrup, at the belt and at the buckle.

Sample Maximum Force (N) Force to break leather section (N)
A IBR-CALF-STK 1958 1957
B IBR-CALF-ORG 2563 2116
C MEH-CALF-STK 2226 2077
D IBR-BOND-STK 1209 1193
E VEG-TAN-ROB 1676 1409
F - ISR Fibre-Tech® 2663 2201
Sample Maximum Force (N) Maximum elongation (%) Force to break leather section (N) Elongation where leather section breaks (%)
A IBR-CALF-STK 2097 130 2097 70.0
B IBR-CALF-ORG 3068 155 3068 76.0
C MEH-CALF-STK 3641 45.7 3641 45.7
D IBR-BOND-STK 2139 50.1 2139 38.7
E VEG-TAN-ROB 2223 34.8 2223 34.8
F - ISR Fibre-Tech® 3974 39.1 3668 28.9


the weakest part of the stirrup leathers was found to be at the buckle where in most cases the leather was stripped to reveal the inner material. Testing on both the buckle area and the strip of leather containing the holes showed stirrup leather F- ISR Fibre-Tech® to be the strongest.
F- ISR Fibre Tech® also showed the least stretching when a force was applied.

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